Blacke Geneva

Blacke Geneva is a Singer/Songwriter from North West London.


After getting involved with workshops courses and studios, finding his feet in live performing and developing his writing skills, Blacke Geneva studied Music Technology at the University of West London and after that worked on a project with an independent label as an artist.


Inspired by what he refers to as his eclectic taste from soaking in the sounds of his favourites from Soul to reggae music has made for an interesting combination which can be heard through the music he writes.



“I aim to bring mystery to the stage, tales of how I felt, how I feel now and how I hopes to feel in the future. My pains, joy, lust, shame, my disbelief: these are important moments for my art when they manifest."

Blacke Geneva has been hard at work since, getting to know who he really is as an artist, writing and putting a collection of songs together to showcase to his audience and demonstrate why he should be heard.


Black Geneva’s thing is now about embracing your self, finding your worth, acceptance: The INFJ Project which sees him reflecting personality types and the famous psychological Myers-Briggs typology tests is one that is sure to create fans wherever he shares it.




Photographer: Grace Powell

Musician: Blacke Geneva